macro feedback process

when you request macro feedback services, I send you a brief contract outlining deadlines and payment due dates. 50% of the payment is due at contract signing. once this happens, I put your project on my calendar. typical turn-around time varies depending on manuscript length:

  • up to 5,000 words: 2 days

  • 5,001-7,500 words: 4 days

  • 7,501-10,000 words: 1 week

  • 10,001+ words: depends on length; will be outlined in your contract

there are opportunities for rush projects; these are subject to a 25% rush fee, which cuts the turn-around time in half. I will let you know if it’s not possible to turn your work around faster.

once the work is completed, the remaining 50% of your payment is due. if you can’t afford this in a lump sum, we can work out a payment plan.

late payments are subject to a 10% late fee.

all payments must be made via PayPal.

macro feedback pricing

I know pricing can be a concern. that’s why I make it available so you know from the start what to expect.

  • up to 5,000 words: $50

  • 5,001-7,500 words: $100

  • 7,501-10,000 words: $200

  • 10,001+ words: depends on length; will be outlined in your contract

being that i’ve been a student so many times, I understand the plight of finances as a student. I do offer a student discount to students who can email me from active .edu email addresses to prove their student status.

macro feedback free sample

now that you know my process and pricing, i’d like to offer you the chance to sample my macro feedback…for free.

new clients can submit up to 1,000 words for free macro feedback.


fine print:

  • the above outlined processes and prices are as of January 2019 and are subject to change

  • I reserve the right to refuse service if text promotes hate