good news and a crazy week

it’s been a really busy week for me. I had a freelance project I needed to finish up for a gig i’m actually leaving behind because even though I like the work overall, there’s just not time for it with my full-time job. so because of that, i’ve worked a lot of hours this week.

i’m also trying to work a little extra so I can take a shorter day tomorrow in preparation for Memorial Day weekend. as a result of all this work, I didn’t get around to a blog post yesterday. I did make progress on one of my novels, but the blog, while important to me, will always come after that work.

what’s the big news?

today is two weeks since I submitted my thesis to my mentor and second reader. in fact, by the time this post goes live, it will be really close to two weeks on the minute.

i’m actually grateful i’ve been so swamped with work because it’s kept my mind off checking my email obsessively this week (unlike last week when every ding on my phone or haptic buzz on my watch pulled me out of whatever I might have been doing at the time, save driving of course).

well, today I saw an email come in from my mentor. right cross the upper right corner of my laptop screen. the subject? “congrats!”

I fumbled with the trackpad and tried to open the email before the notification bubble disappeared. I didn’t make it, so with frantic fingers, I zoomed the mouse pointer to the dock and opened apple mail.

there it was, the email from my mentor. “congrats!” in the subject line. my mentor and second reader agreed that my thesis passed!

it’s official—i’m graduating with my MFA in Fiction on June 22 of this year. that’s less than a month from now.

next steps

I have to submit my thesis for archiving. before that though, I’m going to go through it one more time with a fine-toothed comb. this is perfectly acceptable behavior, and in fact, it’s recommended.

but after receiving that email this evening, nothing could hamper my elation.

stay tuned tomorrow for more good news, because I have more to share…but it deserves its own blog post.