coaching services for writers

after working with mentors, professors, and peers in the long ridge writers group, my m.a. coursework, and my m.f.a. program, i’ve learned the value of manuscript review, goal-setting and accountability, and other coaching services. to that end, I provide coaching services to writers of all levels. these services can be combined to help make you a stronger and more productive writer.

macro feedback

I outline your work’s greatest strengths and areas for improvement. with my m.a. and m.f.a., i’ve learned how to give quality broad-scope feedback to help you explore new directions.

micro feedback

I provide line edits and in-margin suggestions. as an associate editor, freelance writer with ten years of experience, m.a. graduate and m.f.a. graduate, I can help you polish your work.


I help you plan out smart goals and keep you accountable to complete your milestones. as a member of the national society of leadership and success, i can help you reach your goals.

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